Gobierno inició pago a contratistas de obras

El gobierno nacional inicio el pago a contratistas de obras por 60 millones de dólares, a lo que se sumarán otros 36 millones en el presente. Se reanudaron los trabajos que estaban paralizados y se acelerarán otros. Además, esta semana el MOPC comenzará el pago de salarios atrasados a los contratados a quienes se les adeudan desde mayo último.

Gobierno inició pago a contratistas de obras

US ‘non-lethal’ aid reaches Syria despite border problems

WASHINGTON – Some “non-lethal” US aid such as food and medicine is still getting through to areas controlled by Syrian rebels despite the recent closing of an important border crossing in the North of the country, the State Department said on Monday.

Turkey shut the border crossing near the Syrian border town of Azaz last month after al-Qaida-linked fighters took control of the town, booting out rival rebel groups.

The crossing had been a lifeline for rebel-held northern areas, allowing refugees out and supplies in, including supplies like medicine and food from the United States for the Western-backed Free Syrian Army.

“Despite the dynamic situation at the Turkish-Syrian border, it is important to note that various types of US assistance are still getting into Syria with the assistance of moderate opposition members and trusted activists,” a State Department official said in email to Reuters.

“To ensure the safety of our partners risking their lives daily to facilitate the delivery of our non-lethal assistance, we cannot go into additional details,” the official said, asking not to be named.

US Ambassador to Syria Robert Ford promised an increase in US aid to the Syrian opposition during a meeting over the weekend in Istanbul with Free Syrian Army commander General Salim Idriss, a statement from the FSA’s Supreme Military Council said.

US ‘non-lethal’ aid reaches Syria despite border problems

Los presidentes de la región se solidarizan con Cristina Kirchner

El presidente de Paraguay Horacio Cartes llamó a la presidenta Cristina Kirchner y el boliviano Evo Morales envió una nota formal a la Argentina. El uruguayo Mujica llamó a uno de sus más cercanos colaboradores y el ecuatoriano Correa pidió "fuerza" para la jefa de Estado, como ya lo habían hecho los mandatarios de Venezuela, Brasil y Colombia, que se expresaron por su pronta recuperación por Twitter. 

Los presidentes de la región se solidarizan con Cristina Kirchner

Palestinians hurl rocks at Israeli car en route to Ovadia Yosef’s funeral

Two people were injured when Palestinians hurled rocks at an Israeli car that was making its way from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem for Rabbi Ovadia Yosef’s funeral on Monday evening.

The vehicle, that had four passengers – two adults and two children – was making its way through Ben-Zion Interchange at 6 p.m. Monday when a group of Palestinians started throwing rocks at it.

“At first, as a natural instinct, we stopped the car and called the police. But pretty soon we realized that if we stop, we will not stay alive,” Ariel Doperman, the car’s driver, said.

“It’s crazy that in the heart of Jerusalem in broad daylight Israelis’ lives are in danger,” he added.

The two injured were taken to Hadassah University Medical Center on Jerusalem’s Mount Scopus for treatment.

Palestinians hurl rocks at Israeli car en route to Ovadia Yosef’s funeral